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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post

If a small drone buzzing around is that distracting while you're shooting, then I guess you hate your fellow shooters talking and throwing banter about.
As Dan says good videos of FT are important for promoting the sport and getting people interested which is one of the reasons why I take every opportunity to video/photograph shoots. Also as Dan points out the BFTA should make drone footage official.
Anyone that objects that much can simply stop shooting and go off the clock or swap with their partner while the drone is up for a few minutes.

No sport ever developed in the vacuum of no publicity.
Photographers who plan to use a small unmanned aircraft (20kg or less) for commercial purposes require permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The CAA will ask to see an up-to-date operations manual and evidence that the ‘pilot’ is competent.

Evidence of safety skills is provided by the Basic National UAS Certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft, which can be obtained from EuroUSC, a Hertfordshire firm that requires applicants to undergo a flight test and sit a ground-based exam.

Certificates can also be obtained from Liverpool-based Resource Group, which issues the Remote Pilot Qualification – Small.

The CAA tells Amateur Photographer (AP) it has granted 208 permissions to drone users since 2010. A list of users, published HERE by the CAA, includes the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

However, obtaining the necessary qualifications comes at a price.

An aerial photography business would have to pay 840 (including VAT) for a two-day Ground Course and Theory Examination run by EuroUSC.

This is before an Operational Assessment & Flight Operations Examination, which costs 420.

Pony up then Colin.

No sport ever developed when people who don't know what they are talking about sat around telling other people who do actually do things what they should do and what liabilities they should accept. Why do you think the BFTA Terms and Conditions you sign up to for GP's states about photography?
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