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Originally Posted by BDL View Post
I would say keep going it's no more a distraction than talking, banter and cameras.

People will become used to it and the views are great, I block out chatter when I need to and the better shots are experts at bloking out background chatter

The bigger question is not the distraction, it's the legality and liability.

Currently UK law says it's no more legal to have a 13 ft-lb gun than a drone closer than 50m to a person, vehicle or structure.

Liability covers the club/region/NGB for normal activities of running a shoot.

I'm not against drone use, although I think within a shoot is an unnessesary distraction, and would perhaps suggest a flight before the shooting starts... but aside from that, the penalties are severe, you can be imprisoned for breaking CAA rules, and there's already been one fine of a few thousand pounds. Aside from which, if there was an accident, I don't want to be found liable having been found negligent.

Shooters, Clubs, Regions and NGB's have responsibilities, like it or not.
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