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Originally Posted by EELS View Post
It's all for the greater good of the sport. The more videos and pics we can get up on the web, the further the reach of the sport, bringing more people in, creating a bigger market and attracting more manufacturers, meaning better & cheaper kit for us all. We're lucky to have someone like Andy (& Martin et al) doing all this for free, in their own time. Having a faint buzzing sound is a small price to pay IMHO. More power to Andy & co. I think the BFTA should take it a step further and officially commission Andy to make a film of every shoot & then use them on BFTA website and to send to sponsors etc. #justsayin :0)

If a small drone buzzing around is that distracting while you're shooting, then I guess you hate your fellow shooters talking and throwing banter about.
As Dan says good videos of FT are important for promoting the sport and getting people interested which is one of the reasons why I take every opportunity to video/photograph shoots. Also as Dan points out the BFTA should make drone footage official.
Anyone that objects that much can simply stop shooting and go off the clock or swap with their partner while the drone is up for a few minutes.

No sport ever developed in the vacuum of no publicity.
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