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Default Cambridge HFT June 12th

Cambridge HFT June 12th

It’s June in England so we can’t really feign surprise can we.
Yes, for the first shoot of the year it was a beautiful bright summers day that greeted us. Spirits were high and the shorts were out (two of us anyway) with the merest hint of a breeze as the competition started. Then an hour in the sky turned black and the heavens opened. “40% chance of light shower at 1pm” said the BBC Weathersite, not “affix snorkels by 11:30am and huddle under a tree”. Then by 1pm the sun came back out. So now we weren’t just wet we were steaming.
As you’ll see from the scores this sodden interlude affected some more than others. It’s hard to concentrate as cold water cascades down the back of your neck and into your socks.

Congratulations to all our winners and we hope to see you in a fortnights time when the risk of flooding has passed.

Steve Edmondson 58
Jeff Westley 58
Vinny Holland 57
Simon Vant 56
Alex Larkin 56
Dan Measures 55
Jill Cochrane 55
Roger Bentley 54
Neil Wakelin 54
Andy Day 53
Ian Clark 53
Matt Jackson 52
Richard Blackshire 52
Dave Sainty 51
Jack Houghton 51
Matt Mosely 50
Lee Anderson 50
Scott Coe 50
Mick Salmon 49
Matt Rawlings 49
Nigel Fleet 49
Dave George 49
Mark McCarthy 49
Jon Houghton 48
Gordon Smith 48
Ralph Presland 47
Des Morris 47
Clive Presland 46
Richard Lander 44
Andy Ireland 44
Simon Eley 44
Mark Griffiths 44
Martin Slane 44
Danny Roff 44
Melvin Marshall 44
Graham Mason 43
Ian Griffiths 43
John Osmond 41
Chris Wells 41
Ricky Kenealy 40
Richard Walsh 39
Alan Measures 39
James Dixon 36
Anthony Walsh 30
Richard Woods DNF
Jennie Stone DNF

Charlotte Edmondson 50
Mel Wakelin 50
Jo Cogger 49

Jake Day 51
Steve Martin 50
Harry Kalaydjian 50
Stu Deeks 50
Wayne Pearce 48
Andy Yates 47
Anne Higgins 45
Stuart Smart 40

Justin Rhone 47
Dean Auger 44
Kev Turner 43

Ron Witney 55
Finn Cochrane 53
Mike Isaac 52
Mike Carney 51
Ralph Currie 50
Ian Bainbridge 48
Ken Phillips 47
Phil Russell 46

Olly Fleet 51
Holly Dixon 38
Joe Sharman 36
Arthur Wells 32
Gary I have a spare Daisy I can lend you if the Steyr doesn't work out

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