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Default Barpc bunny bash 2016

Hi all

With apologies for the delay, here are the final results from last Sundays Bunny Bash.

On behalf of the club, may I say thanks to everyone who attended and supported the event. We had 82 shooters either shooting FT or HFT and considering this was on the same course, it all went very well. With that number there were a few delays and about 4 whistles but considering the numbers, this we felt was minimal.

Good weather, a great course by Phil and the lads and superb company made for a wonderful day.

Tied scores are in list order to 3rd place.

FT Class A & AA

Robert Montani Basingstoke 39
Stephen Privett Southampton Bucs 37
Tim Roscoe Basingstoke 37
Amanda Smith South Dorset 37
Steve Forster Bisley 37
David Page-starr North Oxon 36
Dave Godwin Basingstoke 35
Dave Hollindale Carisbrooke 34
Barry Warren Carisbrooke 33
Glen Newman North Oxon 32
Barry Smith South Dorset 30
Robert Farnworth Southampton Bucs 28
Cliff Church Basingstoke 23

FT Class B & C

Geoff Ames Southampton Bucs 37
Andy Winch Carisbrooke 33
Glenda Privett Southampton Bucs 30
Terry Holt Basingstoke 30
Geoffrey Hawes Newbury 29
Tony Elderfield North Oxon 29
Steve Stefanou Southampton Bucs 29
Phil Cosham Basingstoke 28
Garry Matthews Southampton Bucs 26
Geoff Treacher Southampton Bucs 22
Stuart Nelson Southampton Bucs 19
Stephen Lucas Basingstoke 18


Stuart Tennent Meon 77
Steve Haworth Meon 76
Clinton Bedding North Oxon 73
Keith Sutton Wendover 72
Mick Phillips Meon 71
Allie James Meon 71
Gary Robinson Basingstoke 71
Glen Bredmore Basingstoke 70
Martin Armstrong Wendover 67
Terry Rigley Meon 67
Mike Barkus Bisley 67
Peter Chaffe Basingstoke 67
Colin Baggs Basingstoke 66
Alan Rowe Basingstoke 66
Saif Ahma Basingstoke 66
Mark Walker Wendover 65
Terry Trott Meon 65
Douglas Mcerlain North Oxon 65
Andy Clarke Meon 65
Johnathon Hurwitt Wiltshire 63
Tristan Bourne Basingstoke 63
John Ellis Basingstoke 62
Pete Vidler Meon 62
Mike Cripps Meon 60
Paul Blaxall Meon 59
Kevin Seager Meon 57
Simon Barker Basingstoke 57
Alan Faulkner North Oxon 56
Kevin Holdlen Basingstoke 54
Phil Searle Basingstoke 52
Keith Ambrose Basingstoke 51
John Puddick Basingstoke 49
William Knevett North Oxon 44
Graham Lunn Basingstoke 40
Brian Dawson Basingstoke 29

HFT Recoiling Class

Russell Inns Meon 65
Robin Heath North Oxon 62
Davey Thomas Black Cat 60
Daryl Bell Bisley 60
Alan Weatherhead North Oxon 60
Jason Danvers Bisley 60
Ron Snaith North Oxon 59
Andrew Spurgeion Basingstoke 58
George Danvers Bisley 58
Clive Graham North Oxon 57
Len Smith Bisley 56
Michael White Meon 56
Ryan Adair Basingstoke 55
Dave Hard Basingstoke 54
Nathan Brown Black Cat 49
Patrick Lyons Basingstoke 47
Paul Bristow Indi 47
Neil Purdue Indi 47
Scott Stanley Meon 43
Paul Brown Black Cat 30

Well done to all who attended and especially those who helped make the day one of our most successful for years.

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