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Originally Posted by kai87 View Post
That's great thanks for the information, I think I am going to give the hft masters a try first as from what I can tell it seems to be a little more relaxed? It looks great fun.
I enjoy my local range but it gets a little monotonous, so really looking forward to giving hft a go.
I will join a club in the future when I get more free time.

Me and a couple of others in Rotherham are looking at having a go at HFT in July. We are members at SYSC as I am guessing you are. 'm also a member at Pontefract.

Drop me a PM if you fancy joining us. We could start out own Rotherham HFT team but going by our shooting at Donny on Sunday I don't reckon we will be walking away with any prizes!

Brian was telling us about his HFT training on Sunday and sounds as though it could very good.

Thanks for the advice to date Brian it's been really helpful.

Oh - And hello everybody as this is my first post!
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