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Default Vertically adjustable butt plate - how important and what options?

Have a rifle stock being made by Gary Cane and I'm thinking about butt plate options. This will be for a springer - TX200.

I've never been serious enough or even tried to consider adjusting butt plate between positions or for uphill downhill but think it might be a good option. So far I'm seeing:

Brian Samson's plate/hook
Maestro follow-wing in addition to the above
System Gemini
Anschutz 4765

The thing in common is a knob for vertical adjustment. A MEC Contact III or the like is more in my price range but the vertical adjustment is on the back face of the plate as opposed to the side.

Curious how much the top shooters adjust the hook/plate up/down during a comp and what models you prefer and why. The high end ones are very costly so I'd like a solid reason before committing that kind of cash. Wondering if there is some other home-made way to convert a more basic plate to have up/down movement too.

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