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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
I recently dipped my feet into FT again after a lapse of 35 years (shooting a HW77 and Zeiss glass at Markyate )and just before I packed it in bought an EFR 14.5-34 premier reticle custom Leuplod.This was prone to go rabid at the slightest hint of temperature change.
At the moment I shoot a Bushnell 8-32x40 4200 front pa on a AA400 modded rifle.Nice as it is, there is a difficult area around 45-55 very small and difficult to get right,It seems the way to go is either a big Nikko(not sure what model) a Sightron S111 hash or mildot or 55+or infinity model, a Falcon t50 I really don't want poi problems due to heat (accepting that you are depending completely on its reliability)which I don't get with my 3200 10x40 Bushnell in HFT.
I suppose its you pays your money and takes your choice!
Sightron looks good but lots of rumours of temperature variations,considering the money involved I don't want something like the Leupold that now makes a good book end,expensive though.
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I've been using a Sigtron SIII MRAD with hash reticle for a while now and can't fault it. We shot the ETL80 yesterday in stupidly silly temperatures, at one point on the field the scope was so hot you could hardly touch the body and the only issue I had was it over-ranged by 2yds from it's normal cool temperature.
Not a problem for me as I back up with bracketing on long targets anyways, but literally every scope ever made would have suffered on that field course yesterday.
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