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I recently dipped my feet into FT again after a lapse of 35 years (shooting a HW77 and Zeiss glass at Markyate )and just before I packed it in bought an EFR 14.5-34 premier reticle custom Leuplod.This was prone to go rabid at the slightest hint of temperature change.
At the moment I shoot a Bushnell 8-32x40 4200 front pa on a AA400 modded rifle.Nice as it is, there is a difficult area around 45-55 very small and difficult to get right,It seems the way to go is either a big Nikko(not sure what model) a Sightron S111 hash or mildot or 55+or infinity model, a Falcon t50 I really don't want poi problems due to heat (accepting that you are depending completely on its reliability)which I don't get with my 3200 10x40 Bushnell in HFT.
I suppose its you pays your money and takes your choice!
Sightron looks good but lots of rumours of temperature variations,considering the money involved I don't want something like the Leupold that now makes a good book end,expensive though. HERX77
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