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Ray Hampton
Kyle Hampton
Ian Bainbridge
Roger Lait
Barry Smith
Dave Ramshead pm session
David Carter morning session please
Jason Ellis (am session)
Jess Ellis (am session)
Pete Muir (am please)
Josie Muir (am please)
Billy Hutton ( am please )
Neil Paton ( am please )
Alex lindsay (am please)
Scott lindsay (am please)
Martin Armstrong am
John Cooper am
Chris Alum am
Dave Taylor am
Daz Taylor am
Andy Wilson am
Nick Hopkinson am
James mclachlan am
Philip Godwin am
James mclachlan am
Tony Dobbie pm
Yvonne Dobbie pm
David Scott pm please
Kenny Bird
David Tollan pm
Alan McDowall am
John Pearson am
James Hesson pm
Fiona Fleming pm
Grant Thomson pm please
Craig Innes pm please
Bob Somers pm please
Brennan Somers pm please
Bill Kerr
Steven Kerr
Richard woods
Jennie stone
Graham Webster pm
Gary Kerr pm
Ian Munro pm
Zac Hunter pm
Martin Morrison pm
Davie Burns pm
Dale Harris pm
Pamela Barclay pm
Chris Noble pm
Alexander Birs am
Brian Shug Connely am
Sam Meneely am
Jim Nelson am
Jim Cavanagh am
Joe Donlevy
Kenny Buchan
George Ross
Graeme Ross am please
Neil Ross am please
Chris Brunton
George Ross AM please
Dominic Taylor AM
Paul Taylor AM
Gordon Burns AM
Jennifer Allan AM
John Pearson
Scot Sims am
Fred Fordyce am
Jules Stoddart pm
Ian Carlin am
Susan King am
Ian Thompson am
Andy Macfarlane am
Gregor Amos am
David Wishart am
Mick Boswell AM
John Fleming AM
Tommy Fleming PM
Mandy Fleming PM
Simon Vant
Bridget Vant
Mike Emmerson
Bert Tate
Andy Humphrey am
Kenny Weddell pm
Sean Preston am

Done Graham.

PS Is this an open shoot, ie you can turn up on the day without being on this list?
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