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Originally Posted by kai87 View Post
Hello, well I am completely new to hft, over the years I have been shooting mainly on relatives land and at my local indoor range.

I would like to shoot some hft competitions.

Am right in saying I can compete in the nefta hunter series as a visitor?

I am a little bit confused as to which competitions I can shoot in as a visitor? Do I need to be in a club?

In the future I may join a club but at the moment due to work hours being varied and a young family it's tricky.

But if I could plan dates around comps that would be great but I am just unsure as to how I know which I can just turn up for.

Any info would be great as I really want to try this sport. Thanks

Hi Kai

I'm turning my HFT Novice to Ninja series into a couple of training courses at Doncaster Airgun Range and helping half a dozen or so new shooters to get started on their first HFT shoot in the NEFTA Hunters.

You're welcome to join in if you like, drop me a line on the Donny Airgun Range facebook page if you want to know more.
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