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My advice would be to look through as many ft shooters scopes as you can ranging on 55 yard targets to see if they repeat ,and looking for brightness and clarity down to 30 mag.You need to also think about weather you can shoot all your shots on a high mag scope ie fixed mag or weather you need the flexibility of being able to lower the mag for your standard and kneelers.up to this year the last brand new scope I had was a Simmons going back to the late80"s and most have done a good job and if not I have either sold them on or px them for a nother without losing to Much money.I know you have been very unlucky recently but it doesn't always work out that way.If you can cope with shooting everything on40 mag try and buy a second hand leupold comp .they are very good in temp and are need to try first as they have a long field of view.(don't snap in as quick)about 700 used,over a grand to shooters they will always give you there thoughts on things.cheers Andy
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