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Originally Posted by Kcjohandby View Post
If they dont do anything why do v mach make them.strippers and muzzle brakes arnt really the same they do different things
I heard from a reputable source that they (Venom) started making the muzzle brake back in the day for the american market where moderators were a nono. They would chop down a HW77 and fit a moderator / underlever catch, like what you now see on the HW97, and the TX200 MK1 & 2, but couldn't export to the US.

Muzzle brakes aren't moderators, so what is now the RACE was born. It could be said it inspired the business end the Sportsmatch GC2, the Ripley AR4/5/5s and everything that came since...

Could be twaddle, but remembering back to my course fishing days, 90% of tackle was designed to catch anglers, not fish. Same goes for guns. Just look at the RN10 to FTP900 evolution...
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