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Originally Posted by holly View Post
For those thinking of buying a march 60 mag . try one first . they are not magic . given a choice between my 20=50 lupe and the 60 mag march . i would keep the lupe . i like to keep the same mag summer and winter to range on . with the march i can only do that on 30 mag . now that may be as jon harris say's , i a blind old git . but i use my lupe on 40 mag no problem . the better all round scope is the march . of that there is no doubt . very little temp problems . all ways ranges with in two and half yards on the long uns and with a high mount that is not a problem . biggest moan is the top turret is sharp and too small , needs to be higher . use the small wheel not the big one . oh and it looks like one of hawks cheaper models . when you say it is nearly two and a half grand with all the bits . they look at you like you are telling porkies . best bit is that it is quite light and does not cause the rifle to be unbalanced . like i say , try before buy ??? HOLLY
That's funny, you roll back a year you getting a March was going to solve all your FT problems in one fell swoop.
No wonder it's sitting in a cupboard with this glowing praise...
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