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Originally Posted by david j View Post
Many moons ago I was taught how to keep mechanical centre of scope for long range, is it right. Here goes count clicks of both windage and elevation turrets top to bottom half the number of both and set turrets to same. Use your adjustable mounts or shims to set longest distance (55yards) also set yardage. After all that then you can go onto turrets, bring your elevation turret numbers down until you reach your prefered zero range, windage should still be ok.this should mean that when going for the longer shots you are looking. through the best part of scope (mechanical centre). IS THIS RIGHT. Comments please.
Depends what you mean by mechanical centre?

If you mean, does this method put the erector tube in the centre, then no, it doesn't. You are not looking through the absolute centre of the lenses using this method. You want to be using the Mirror method or the v block method to optically centre your scope. Counting clicks (even on very expensive scopes almost always gives you an incorrect centred position).

You don't need to take my word for it though, if you haven't mounted the scope already, you can prove this to yourself.
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