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ok so..lets get this right..
1 i told you the scope was faulty within 1 hour of receiving it ( i can prove this by parcel force delivery time & my first txt msg to you regarding this problem ) but you didn't except my opinion on the scope being faulty
2 you told me to take it for 2nd opinion (i took it to local RFD you didn't except that )
3 you told me to take it to my local club & get someone who knows about scopes to have a look ..i told you i was going to see John said he was an air gun guru & you seemed happy ( i have txt from you to prove )
4 His conclusion was that the scope was internally damaged & that i could not of done it , also that it could dot have been done in transit due to the excellent packaging done by yourself
5 now you are suggesting that i dropped it on the floor or table several times for the hour that i had it to cause damage ....why on earth would anyone do that ? this was my wife's present to me for my 50 birthday