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as requested i took it to my local club (Mill Ride ) & to a person who i was told to see by the name of John Harris ..i informed the seller of who i was taking it to & he seemed to approve ..saying John is a " airgun guru" to be totally honest i was there early & asked a few of the first members that arrived to point me in the direction of John...within an hour he arrived ..i introduced myself, shook hands & explained the satiation.........
John was good enough to have a look & give me his opinion...(he seems to be a man of few words but he is obviously well known & respected in the word of FT )...
he thoughts where ..the scope is internally faulty ,
i said could i have caused this damage ?..he said no ..i said you think it could have been done it transit ? .he said no (to be fair to the seller it was amazingly well packed )
i said is it fixable ? John said ..i think i could probably fix it ..but due to the msge earlier in the day from the seller i said i would not go down that route (seller said any evidence of attempted repair he would not have scope back ) & i didnt want to put John in a situation where he took it apart & realized it was un repairable
now i am not saying there is anyone trying to pull a fast one here..& i really dont know whats gone wrong ..but all i can say is ..this is how it arrived & i contacted seller within 1 hour of receiving scope & realizing there was a problem, i am really at a loss , i sent the seller a txt msg today explaining the above but as of now 8.05 pm i have had no reply ...all i can think is that he is perusing other things & hasn't had chance to read my msge yet, ..after all it is bank holiday weekend
best regards i cant thank you people enough for you advice & support xxx