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Default Scope issue

This is really beginning to make me laugh now in between the grief and stress.

I have also posted out and purchased many items of this forum and others and I have also encountered a few slight issues along the way, but this seems to me now that I may have gone insane or am a lier and a dishonest t**t!

I KNOW that when that scope went in the box it was fully functional oh no sorry I must be lying again!!!!!!!

As Maddog has stated I am looking into sorting this out with Rob as soon as possible and I will be contacting him as soon as I have some information i need in place

Oh yes I forgot to add I packed a scope that i new was faulty in the best scope packing box I have ever used or had delivered, oh no I think I'm lying again.

It's funny how people respond in a none accusing ways? But I really hope they never have to go through sending something to a buyer they know was 100% when sent and then have to take it back broken????
Some day i may get to shoot comps!!!