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Cant believe some of the comments here. Bought everything I have ever owned for FTC second hand and not all face to face.
I saw this scope today and Rob is a very genuine (and very upset) guy who has received a scope that's faulty.

I sold a rifle action the other day to someone here and had a similar problem. I dumped the air from it which is a legal requirement for posting and when the new owner received it he was very upset and claimed I had miss sold it as he could not get it to hold air. He wanted his money back which really upset me as I new the action was perfect.
After a few exchanges, everything worked out OK, he apologised to me and now loves it; getting a 34 ex 40 with it the other day.
Even though I new there was nothing wrong with it, I was prepared to take it back as I didn't want to be accused of knowingly miss selling something.

As Rob says, the scope was in its own box, inside another box which was massive. To me it would have been impossible to cause damage to the scope during its transport because of how well it was packed. I would think you could have dropped this package from 20 ft without damaging the scope.

I am not saying the seller new it was faulty but it is and sorry but the seller here should offer to get it repaired or take it back.
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