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Default Send it back

Originally Posted by Mally106 View Post
Can I ask the forum members

If you posted a scope that you know was fully functional when you packed it up and posted out to the buyer and you stated in the post that it is sent at buyers risk and this problem happens what would you do???
Your advert for the scope says it ranges very well, for some reason it clearly does not. It sounds very much like the focal system inside has come adrift . If this happened in transit I would expect to see considerable damage to the scope itself . At buyers risk means if it gets damaged that's your problem, the scope appears to be faulty not damaged.
I know it's all hassle and it would mean giving money back that is in your bank account at the moment, but if you do have the option to send it back via the original purchaser then do so.
That way Rob is happy and you may get a brand new nikko that you could easily sell for 550 with everyone knowing it is a replacement scope.
I hope you can both sort this out and put it to bed.