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Originally Posted by RAF View Post
Gary Martin ..i cannot understand your post ..both parties are happy ? what gave you this impression ? i am 100% certain this scope is faulty..why do people seem to think i am wrong in my diagnosis ....? yes it is causing me stress..i am not happy at the moment as the issue has not been resolved ..i am taking the scope to my local club tomorrow as it seems my opinion & that of a RFD are not good enough..well thats fine by me .as many people who wish to come & see the problem are welcome.
what would you do in my position ?..i notified seller within ONE HOUR of receiving the scope when i became aware of the problem..what more could i have done ? ? oh yes of course the other option..say nothing, take it on the chin , its just one of those things ..& right the 465 off...err no
well maybe i have misread the situation. i thought that you had posted that you felt stupid and that the wheel had not located on the focus mech. this is how i read it, i doubt that you would take it on the chin, and im sure the seller will do all he can to resolve the situation.
i'm not perfect, but I shoot FT, reality is this is pretty much the same thing!