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Default Kahles K1050i FT Ranging

Here in the USA the Kahles distributor has been unable to get any of the new K1050i FT scopes. I went online and obtained one from optics-trade in Slovenia and I’m glad I did. I already owned a couple high-end scopes, a MarchX 8-80 and a Schmidt&Bender 12.5-50 FT (version 1), and the Kahles is now my favorite. The reason; Kahles has provided a parallax focus ranging feature that’s unique.

Notice the relatively wide gap between the 52, 54 and 56 yard marks. All other scopes generate a logarithmic range calibration tape where the gaps between yardage marks are large at the near distances and very small at the far distances. Kahles has incorporated a cam in the parallax adjustment mechanism that smooths the focus function so it’s almost linear. The gaps between the far distance yardage markers are relatively far apart and easy to see, even on the small Kahles topwheel. Several folks have invented helical sidewheels, like the “comma” to mitigate logarithmic focus functions, but Kahles has designed an elegant alternative solution.

The Kahles tape is on top and a typical tape from another scope is on the bottom.

The reticle of the K1050i FT is designed specifically for field target competition. The entire bottom of the reticle is a direct read (at 50x) angular subtension ranging chart for 40mm kill zones with meters on the left and yards on the right.

The 40mm yellow kill zone shows a range of 54 yards. Easy.

Optics on the K1050i FT are on a par with my March and S&B scopes…crisp and bright. Clicking and twisting the controls gives one the feeling of very high quality. The scope is now apparently available in silver. This is high-end kit and the parallax focusing cam makes it best in class! If I was headed to Portugal this year I’d be sure to have one of these.

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