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Default scope

1- I have never intimated at any time that Rob "is stupid"

2- Asking the questions about the fault can sometimes sounds condescending.

3- While posting this issue live on the forum it as easy as it gets to find out who you have bought the scope off with a press of a few buttons. Did you not expect me to respond on the thread?

4- I sent the parcel at the standard rate you did not ask for extra compensation value on the postage, I am not a retailer.

5- As far as I am aware parcelforce excludes " Glass - Items wholly or partially made from or containing glass" so the cover level is not relevant. ( part 1 of the reason why I put on posted at buyers risk)

6- How the lady at the post office managed to put my address down as the destination is beyond me as I live just around the corner from the shop and she lives there, never had to check the receipt ever before, but this seems to be my fault also. would say that's a lesson learnt but I will not be posting anything anymore on here again.

7- I have never knowingly sold/posted out any item for sale on here that I did not know was as described and fully working as it should. That is something I would not do.

8- So as a seller who very well packs up a scope that was working on his rifle and checked when it went into the box send it to a buyer who has chosen to have it posted out to them, the seller does not know that person and has no control of what the buyer may do to the scope when received (part 2 of the reason why sellers post posted at buyers risk), an issue arises with the scope it is automatically the sellers fault and dishonest.

9- if the scope was broken I would have gone to all the trouble of pm's and text messages packing it all up and posting it at my cost in part of what was a very good price for the buyer on a forum where the best and most knowledgeable air rifle shooters in the country are members and I have been a member for many years and sold and bought many items. NO I would have contacted the original purchaser and asked them to send it back under warranty to be repaired or replaced. Yes the Nikko warranty does stand if the retailer is a prat contact Nikko Stirling direct and it will get sorted.

10- Rob I will await any information you get from your club members on your visit to your club and we can move it on from there, which I what I also asked was possible when you contacted me.

Some day i may get to shoot comps!!!