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Originally Posted by RAF View Post
i am frustrated beyond belief at the moment .to the point i cannot sleep...when you know something is wrong ..its WRONG ! simple.......the side wheel is not engaging the focus at all !!!! for gods sake yes i am new to FT but not STUPID....
RAF , no one is saying you are stupid mate,,, don't be worrying as I,m sure it will be resolved and hopefully not at your expense,

I am also pretty new to FT and the best advice I was given so far was DONT BUY A SCOPE SECONDHAND

this was something that was said to me even before I bought my first FT rifle and by a former world champ and I have now bought two big nikkos mk3,s NEW and this was solely to have a guarantee with them both, I have looked at the price that they go for secondhand and for the extra few bob it was certainly good advice,

by the sound of it, the seller sounds a pretty genuine guy and I,m sure he is just as baffled as you but my advice is ( and I know your not daft ) but let someone at the club have a look at it first as it may be something simple then if all is still not well then I,m sure something can be sorted BUT reading through this thread leads me to believe no dishonesty from either seller and/or buyer has been said,

let someone have a look mate as something might have been knocked out of place in postage and this is the problem,

I wish you all the best in solving this problem mate but just for future reference to everyone, ALWAYS FULLY INSURE items being sent even if it does cost a small fortune as you never know when things like this happen

best wishes

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