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i have come to the conclusion this scope is faulty..i am not a novice shooter ..however i an new to please dont think i have over looked the obvious things ..i have had the respect as to not name the person i purchased this scope from, but it seems he has made himself known by posting his reply on this post . i contacted the seller within one hour of receiving this scope & explained every thing as best i could. the seller sold the scope to me with a price including P&P..which i agreed & paid the said amount by bank transfer .
it appears the seller has insured this scope in the post for 100 ....that was his choice not mine ..his price was ..once again "inc p&p"...
if the scope has been damaged in transit (i would think not as it was very well packed with no box damage at all ) then its down to the postage company for compensation isn't it ? ...but would that be my fault for the seller under insuring the scope ? i would think not.
it was posted Saturday & due to the postal service making a mess of things (& the seller not checking the delivery address on the receipt that they gave him ), it only arrived this morning with much excitement i unpacked it, held it in my hand ..& tried to roughly focus on the neighbors house ..(as you do ...) this is when i realized the problem ...
this was paid for by my a big birthday present as i am the big 50 on July 1st...the cost of this scope represents 3 weeks work for her as she only work part time on minimum wage .so you can imagine the stress this is causing , the seller keeps quoting posted at buyers risk ..let me ask you people many times do you hear that of sellers ???
on the advice of a newly made (& much valued friend ) i am taking the scope to be looked at by some more knowledgeable people on Saturday..i will keep you all posted regards Rob