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Originally Posted by Mally106 View Post
You also need to look at this from the point of view of the seller (Me) this scope was in full working order 100% when it was packed up, it was removed from my rifle all the parts put together I checked the zoom function and focus function and both turrets all worked 100% and if it was any different or I had any doubts on any of the functions I would have cancelled the sale.
So then I post it out, my belief is that if a buyer on this forum wants to buy a scope and wants it posting the buyer accepts the risk, which I have done myself on many occasions, if I have had any doubts or concerns on a sellers honesty I would go and try the scope hands on.
How can I accept that it now does not work? Anything could have happened to this scope from the moment it was posted out, I am not questioning the honesty of the buyer at all.
Rob is a new shooter so this may be an oversight somewhere along the line. I don't know what RFD he had it shipped to , but doubt he has looked through a big nikko.
I put rob onto your scope after seeing him struggle at an Mfta shoot and have asked him to contact me about his issues.
I pointed out to rob that there was a bad batch of these scopes and would guess at the moment he thinks he has bought a Lemmon . I am sure this will be resolved with something silly be at fault.
Rgds Simon