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Get a long ruler and highlight all the inch increments with a marker pen, at 10x mag on a true mildot scope the inch increments on the ruler will align with all your mildots (10 mildots will measure 10 inches etc) at 27.7 yards, 9 mag will line up at 25y. You can use chairgun to check other distances, select a mildot ret in the program, varying the magnification will change the distance that the mildot marker lines intersect the 1" drop lines.

For HFT I like to use 9x mag, 1 dot = 1" at 25y. on this setting with simple maths if you know the size of what you are looking at you can work out the range. if a 35mm kill measures 1.5 dots, 35/1.5=23.3y
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