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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
Sounds like you need to post your illustrations to help the needy...

Regarding bracketing I don't understand why more people don't use it just to double-check their scopes, with practice you don't even have to hold the rifle rock steady as your brain's 'fire computer' tells you what the range is.
I spent about 5 years bracketing with the 6-24 BDC Tasco in the late 80's so it's second nature for me.
The MTR-FT will be milliradian and half milliradian spacing at approximately 35x mag - I'm not going to post up all of the illustrations, but I've attached one at 40x mag to my post above.

When I've spoken to people about bracketing in the past the common comment is that it seems to complicated to them (it might be the way I'm explaining it, but really if you can operate a ruler to can figure out bracketing)

It isn't always as straightforward as you imagine, and it's not always easy to keep the crosshairs steady enough to give an accurate answer, and I think that some of the more cluttered rets make losing count a lot more of a problem.

Here's a little online bracketing test I wrote a while back, which helps to illustrate some of the issues you might have when trying to bracket.
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