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Back to the March

I'm not taking the scope off my rifle to weigh it again, but I remember weighing it before it went on and it came in at just over 700g. I can't remember if that included the sunshade or not but for arguments sake I'll assume it didn't include it.

I've just weighed my Bushy 8-32 - with sunshade, butler creek, 3D turret / PA ring and a couple of fishing coasters and it weighs in at 811g

The sunshade for the March weighs 58g and the Jon Harris sidewheel is 42g, I also have a 3D printed mag ring adjuster on the March, but that weighs less than 5g.

Adding all of that up the Bushy is 811g and the March is about 805g - surprisingly the March weighs less than the Bushy with all attachments attached. (excluding mounts of course).

The March was a replacement for my bent bushnell scope (how's that for a dodgy insurance claim?) and weight was one of my main criteria, that together with variable mag. I prefer shooting a springer at lower mag (around 20-25x) to give me a better chance of seeing the pellet land.

The other consideration with the March is that it's a little bit more fussy about head position and the eye relief is a bit longer than the Bushy but quite a bit longer than the Nikko and Sightron. That might be worth bearing in mind if you're considering one to replace something else. If you're replacing a Bushy as I did, then the eye relief isn't much longer, I think my scope has moved forward by about 1cm.

I don't have much experience with the March and it's the only one I've looked through so I can't comment on how variable they are on optical quality or range finding. Again, I'm coming from a 32 mag scope to a 60 mag scope, so 60x seems like I'm shooting at dustbin lids by comparison and initially I'm finding it a bit too high for me. I prefer 50 at the moment (that may change after I'm used to it), it ranges fine on 60 too, I just prefer 50 at the moment.

It took over 3 months for it to arrive and while I was waiting I heard a few negatives about the 60 - Steve or was it Andy? (one of the Wilson twins anyway) told me he couldn't rangefind repeatedly with it above about 30x mag and said that they'd had an extra booster lens fitted over the ocular to get it to work. I heard a rumour that Jon H has sent a few back to March as well because the crosshairs moved when the sidewheel was adjusted?

Don't take that as gospel - you know how people in this game like to wind you up when you've ordered a new scope and it hasn't arrived yet

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