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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
Probably best to read it again -

"When I shot GP1, Rob had a list of all the target distances in his pocket and since it was only the 3rd outing for the scope I took the opportunity to check my ranging against Rob's list from time to time (obviously after I'd finished that lane and moved on).

My first target I ranged at about 52 yards (a guess because I've only got 50 and 55 on the sidewheel). My partner for the day ranged it in as 55 yards with his Sightron and I was concerned that maybe the March wasn't performing (knowing how good Sightron's are) So I checked with Rob and the actual target distance was 51.66 yards. This happened a few more times around the course - the March gave a spot on answer vs a Sightron which over ranged by a couple of yards"

What I would say is if you ever find yourself in trouble with the law say nothing and let your solicitor do the talking or you may find yourself banged up for something you didn't do!
Yeah, that doesn't read well at all

There was absolutely no impropriety at all though, it just sounded like there was from how I worded it.
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