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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
If The Welsh Wizard would have been doing that I'd have reported him to the chief marshal to have him disqualified.
How long have you chaps known me? - do you really think I'd have done that?

I didn't word it well, but no, I didn't know any of the ranges while the shoot was going on - afterwards I got the actual ranges to the targets I wanted to check I had right. My first target and the longer target down the track on lane 18 particularly. I ranged it at about 52/53 again, my partner ranged it as 55 - he took it down, I missed low at 6 o'clock. But I didn't get the answer on any targets I wanted to check until after I'd finished the course, I just asked to check them.

I was stood at my first lane when I was told it was 51.66 yards though.. but that's because I'd just finished shooting the course and was stood near it when I was chatting about the targets I wanted to check.

The bit "(obviously after I'd shot the lane and moved on)" yeah that did make it sound like I'd shot a lane and a few lanes down got the answer to the distance, but that was badly worded. I asked to check about 3 or 4 targets during the shoot, but didn't get the answers until after I'd finished the course. I wouldn't even ask when I'm on a lane or before one in case a facial expression would give it away.

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