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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
unless im reading that wrong, it seems not in the spirit of the sport? After the course is finished ok, I do that, but during the shoot?

would anyone mind me pinging the targets at gp3 once I have shot them?
I have to agree with Simon here. You instantly have a known reference from which to adjust your settings against for the next lane. If you were out by two yards on the previous lane on each target you know what to allow against your rangefinding on the next lane.

Compare your ranges with your fellow competitors by all means as nobody knows for certain what the actual range of the target was. If your partner using the Sightron was always reading slightly longer than you they probably zeroed their rifle on a different range where the targets weren't necessarily at the correct distances.

Simon, I'm not so worried about the ranges but I'd love to know what the wind is doing please

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