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I've the 60x with illuminated FT ret and I wouldn't use anything else. Stunning optics, lightweight and oozes quality. I range everything on 60x and shoot on 40x, occasionally dropping to 30x for standers. So far I haven't needed to come off 60x to range any target, in fact I often think I've forgot to turn the mag back up as its so clear I think I'm still on 40x, it picks out detail and definition you wouldn't believe. The scope also delivers a neutral image, colours are the same as the eyeball sees them. The ret is just the right thickness and the lines are spaced just right. I see a shift (under ranges) around 27 degrees where it moves one line on Andras's adjustable pointer, at 28 degrees it's shifted to two lines and then the temp can go off the scale but it stays put. Haven't had it in the real cold yet but at 10 degrees it hasn't shifted. Your welcome to have a go at GP3, you'll normally find me near the burger van/food.
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