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I'm loving mine so far.

Not as easy to range with as a Nikko, about the same level of difficulty as the Bushy. Clarity is really good! So good in fact that when I first started to use it I was stopping where I thought it couldn't possibly get any clearer, turned the wheel a fraction and found it was clearer still.

I haven't had it long so I'm still learning it, but so far it seems pretty user friendly. I range from high to low, go past the clearest point, then back and fine adjust to the clearest point and stop. (if that makes any sense?)

With the bushy I'd adjust until it was clear and stop, with the March 60 I go past, then back, then up again. I suspect in time I'll get to know what clear looks like on it and just go straight there.

Gaps are odd on the sidewheel (attached)

50-55 gap is about 10mm on a 4" sidewheel, but the gaps between 45/50 and 40/45 are smaller than the 50/55 gap. I thought that must be wrong to start with, but it doesn't appear to be.

When I shot GP1, Rob had a list of all the target distances in his pocket and since it was only the 3rd outing for the scope I took the opportunity to check my ranging against Rob's list from time to time (obviously after I'd finished that lane and moved on).

Edit: I'll clarify that bit because I didn't mean it the way it sounded. As I went round the course from time to time I would tell Rob the range I got for a couple of the targets - well after I shot the lanes. I knew that Rob would compare my range with the actual range and tell me after the shoot was over if I'd got any of them wrong. At the end of the shoot he told me that I was spot on with all of the targets I was interested in and commented that I was accurate to within about 6 inches on one of them. (fluke, more than the scope being infallible - I'm sure it is, just like any scope).
Anyhoo.. sorry if that came across badly when I first posted this.

My first target I ranged at about 52 yards (a guess because I've only got 50 and 55 on the sidewheel). My partner for the day ranged it in as 55 yards with his Sightron and I was concerned that maybe the March wasn't performing (knowing how good Sightron's are) So I checked with Rob and the actual target distance was 51.66 yards. This happened a few more times around the course - the March gave a spot on answer vs a Sightron which over ranged by a couple of yards.

At GP2, I ranged one of the targets (T26 I think?) at just a smidge over 55 - which may have been wrong, but I aimed a little high in the kill and took it down. I checked with Mick after the shoot and he said that all targets close to the limit had been measured by tape - so i dunno?

So far I've managed to shoot in a range of temperatures from about 5 degrees to 30 degrees. At around 9-10 degrees C, it over ranges by about 3 yards and at 29 degrees C is under ranges, but I'm not sure exactly how much, I need to do more testing in the warm. I think it's around 2 or 3 yards under, but I'll know when the weather's a bit warmer.

At 60x mag I find it a bit too dark and the field of view a bit too narrow. At 50x mag it's much nicer to use and with that little bit of extra light I find it easier to hunt for contrast in the fine details.

The MTR-FT ret is very nice, not overly busy but enough hash marks to be useful to hold off for wind. It will bracket a 40mm killzone on 40x mag at 50 yards, but I don't find that feature too useful because I shoot on 25x and range on 50x. I suppose at a push if I needed to, it's always an option to wind it back to 40x mag to bracket a kill, and it ranges well on 40x mag as well.

Weight wise this is where the scope beats everything else out there - it weighs in at just 700g which is only 70g more than a Bushnell Elite 8-32.

Oh it will range down to below 8 yards too, the sidewheel and turrets feel like pure quality, I have a tactical top turret and a regular windage turret. The tactical turret has a collar you can lock down to make it bottom out, but I'm nowhere near a full turret turn from 10 yards to 55 yards, but it's nice to have the option of a bottoming turret just in case.

If you want to have a go, find me at Twad and you can have a go. (i'm shooting 2nd session)
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