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Default Poland what a place

What a a few days Ive had just got back this evening from Poland,on Saturday they asked me if I would do them the honour of setting their course for the Open on the Sunday,I nearly pulled their hand off as a blind man could have put on a great shoot on the terrain of the clubsand dunes shooting into woods just great.they gave me 6 guys to help and it shot great on Sunday nice breeze 57won 55 second and 2 times 53s.
For the people that are going to the Euro;s i.m sure they will look after us great i;ve also been around the land where the Euro;s are going to be held ,i,m sure it will shoot well ,3 plinking ranges,a 30 shot course for abit of practice on the friday ,plenty of car parking and its situated in Lodz so easy to get to .
Also sorry to have missed the UKAHFT shoot at Furness Mill ,spoke to afew of the shooters since I;ve been back and sounds a great shoot Ill try and make it next year for sure
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