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Just like to say a big thank you to everyone who had an input into the weekend. One of the most enjoyable rounds of HFT I have ever had, great weather, great company and a truely fantastic course in a beautiful setting. Think Furnace Mill is probably the jewel in the National Crown and I can't wait to plate a few well probably a lot of targets their for many years to come. Yes it was unfortunate that a couple of mistakes lead to a couple of pulled targets but the target placements and the work involved in placing them their by Ed and crew was obviously huge. We as PANDAS to a great event should be grateful that people give their time freely so we can shoot great tin chickens on a Sunday.

I think it is great and forward thinking that UKAHFT gave a round to a newish club full of enthusiasm bringing new energy into an already vibrant scene.

So thanks Pete, Pete and Ed plus crew.

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