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just to show You how it suppoused to work on first place:

managed to get new part and now it works as it should.

Just to explain few questions I heard:

Its rainproof, bot not waterproof, so it will survive rains, but will not work if You drop it in to Your pond.

Battery life depands of battery size..
At this moment there is 7Ah battery and it survived over 100 shots, 1 week on standby ( forgot to switch it off) and another 100 shots where part was with lights on.

There is no problem, if You want to use old car battery.
Even exhausted one will be strong enough to power it for ages.. Just need to play with extention cables, thats it.

Also, if someone want to have it more "indepandant" - for a few quid You can buy solar charger which will keep battery charged all time. Just make sure You buy one with overcharge protection, and thats it

and at the the end..
I know, that parts cost without battery was 15,45 but dont expect I will make it for this price..
Its pure parts cost. and I definitely will not work at least 12h in garage for additional 15 quid...

It was Only Idea, Suggestion, Option, but Not market offer

IF anyone want something like this.. better contact me in PM.. but.. regarding work and time it will be no less than 30 just for labour. Plus parts.

This is not an Offer. Its explaination .. had a lot silly questions last time..
Spring powered target knocker..
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