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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
I clicked "I'm trimming and slimming specifically to make shooting easier/better", I am trimming and slimming for that reason but also to ease the stresses and strains of my generally abused body and hopefully make recovery from a weekend of shooting, hard day at work, energetic shagging, etc quicker I've dropped a stone already through healthy eating and once I get back out on my bike again hope to lose a load more
I have done the same its the nearest option I can find.

Have definately been putting on the Winter coat Dads scale let out a very loud groan as I bent the neddle round the end ). Just wish it could be lighter in the evenings, by the time I get home its dark and since my bike accident I am nervous on the roads as it is.

Am trying to shift at least 2-3 stone by mid June and then another by Christmas to get to a reasonable number.
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