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Originally Posted by Highwayman View Post

I'm a non-shooting Mum (Tricia) with a shooting son (Josh). He started potting rabbits at 13, joined a club at North Oxon just before he was 14 and did HFT Winter League that year as well as discovering the joys of FT. He's 15 now and balancing School life (currently GCSE's) with his other passion ....shooting ! FT is his thing and we can be found all over the country at club / regional / national shoots. Not much time for the PS4 now !!
I don't shoot but I am his Driver, Social and Shooting Secretary and provider of advice, attitude adjustment, food and personal shopper (there's a lot of stuff out there that becomes a 'need'). You will find me at any venue carrying a backpack and doing the scoring ..... until they are 16 Juniors MUST be accompanied by a Responsible Adult, in some places it's 18. The people we meet are fantastic, very supportive and keen to attract & retain Juniors as they will be the future of the Sport. It's good fun and I'm guessing your Army life will have equipped you well to join in the banter !! PM me anytime if you want to talk about anything specific. Tricia
Its a pity your so far away. If your ever over ths way let me know and I'll spend the day with him at Redferns FTC and give him some coaching on FT.
Your more than welcome at the club.
Let your shooting do the talking.
It's not the aim and release that decided the shot, it's the preparations.
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