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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
He did indeed Kenneth.

However as pocket and pouch have the same etymological root they can mean the same thing.
pocket = poke: Middle English from Old English pocca, The original sense of pocket was a bag or sack.
pouch = poche: Old French.

In any case several posters mentioned two pockets in their pouches and I thought I would explain the reason they have... as a public service, if you like.

I only have one "pouch" with two compartments and shoot two weights of pellet in different rifles so I keep 7.9s in the upper "pocket" and 8.4s in the lower one. Nothing worse than going out on a course with the wrong pellets or tipping in a hundred 7.9s just before doing so and then realising there were a couple of dozen 8.4s in there already!
Ooooh! Stoppit with the French Adam, some of the geezers on here are still struggling with their native tongue.

Anyhoo, pocket in.
Less is more.

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