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No. (Think about it a bit Neil )

There was a setup a while back which allowed you to see through it and it captured the view, but I never saw it on a high mag scope, and i reckon either there wouldn't be enough light for the cam, or not enough light for you... and it was expensive... several 100s...

You need a lot of light for a camera, and you'd be surprised how dark a scope is... and the exit pupil is only around 1mm on 50x.. which means you have a lot of lens wasted.

Curiously though it's the cheaper cams which work best against scopes, because their lenses are small. But their light gathering is also pretty poor.

I think we're a long way off seeing down a scope.

Best idea is what Sergey does, which is to strap a very high mag cam to the gun, and then 'zero' it against the POI.
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