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The Marshalling list for Sunday is as follows:

First Half S1
Ed Brown 1-6 Chief
Graham Cole
Jack Houghton
John Houghton Chrono
Karl Guest
Mick Monaghan25-30

Second Half S1
Bill Birch 1-6
David Nicholls
Greg Hensman Chief
Kevin Brookes 25-30
Matthew Furlong Chrono
Steve Willingham

First Half S2
Jason Bressington 1-6
Ken Pothecary 25-30
Kevin Gaunt
Mick Boswell
Nigel Smith Chief
Steve Handby Chrono

Second Half S2
Dan McMahon
Derick Stone
Kevin Clarke Chief
Steve Edmondson Chrono
Stuart James 1-6
Tony Male 25-30

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