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What I would question is why people need to use glasses...

A scope has a certain amount of adjustment, which will let you see the reticle clearly.

If it's because you need to see the reticle and say the side wheel, then there's a number of options... if you see pictures of Geof Hawes or Steve Privett, they've got flip down glasses in their caps. Maestro does a wheel magnifier as did Sportsmatch.

I wear glasses for work, have astigmatisms in both eyes, and are long sighted, but i've been able to work around wearing glasses. It's another 2 surfaces to get reflections off of, rain on, and look through... i'd suggest removing them entirely (unless you are past your scope's adjustment) and then sorting the wheel and turret issue another way.

10m lens carriers would be an expensive, but possibly good solution.

Even if you are past your scope's adjustment, you can have a lens put into a scope enhancer. The Bisley scope enhancer's strange bulge is there for exactly that reason.
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