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Originally Posted by MickyFinn View Post
Just to throw a small spanner in the works. My barley barrelled Steyr groups really REALLY well with AA die 9's indoors, & in a LIGHT wind, BUT in a strongish wind it's shite! Un predictable, with high & low shots too? I'd trade group size @ 45yrds for wind predictability any day!
More testing required but not found anything that groups like die 9 yet to compare in the wind?
Ah that's not a spanner, that's just another investigation. I had the same thing with Falcon Accuracy Plus and also those tin dynamic things. In no wind, awesome!! - slightest breeze and groups open up massively.

What I think though, is if you find a batch that group well indoors and in wind, I think there's a very good chance it'll be just as good in most barrels.

I also think that you're unlikely to find a pellet that groups well in wind but badly indoors - the trick is finding one that works well both indoors and outdoors, but once you do they'll probably be good in all your rifles (or at least most of them). Well apart from Steyr's - they tend to be a bit weird.
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