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Interesting thread again Brian, you are making a habit of starting them!

I would have to agree with what has been said, last year after running low on my JSB's and changing from my BSA Hornet to the 8002 I tried 4 new batches, 8, 10, 12 and 22. The 22 was discounted straight away for my HFT shooting as the drop between 40 and 45 was 1/2" more than the others but up to 40y they were great with very tight groups. The other 3 batches were supplied by JSB as samples of their known good batches. The 8 and 10 were hard to separate, both performing very well. The 12 was a bit shorter in length than those 2 batches and not as good in the wind, this would tie in with Dean's observation of the shorter pellets being steered easier by the wind? a conclusion I too had arrived at when comparing Express with Exacts. I chose to buy a box of the 8's and both myself and Theresa Reed used these at Kelmarsh where we both won our classes, myself with the Anschutz and Theresa with her HFT500. They have been great in every rifle I have tried them in. I since bought some more 8's but 4.53 where as the original batch was 4.52, these were not quite as good in my Anschutz but better in the BSA barrels, it has long been rumoured that the BSA's like them large in both calibres so this was not a surprise. It does support your theory though that a good batch is good in many rifles.
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