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Ok so from the messages on here and the messages I've received about this theory it's starting to sound like there might actually be something in it.

The theory being... a mega batch of pellets will be excellent if not mega in most other guns too.

and the same is probably true for windage too - a mega batch of pellets that performs well in the wind is likely to be mega in the wind in most guns too. I'm not saying that a pellet that groups well indoors will necessarily group well outdoors though.

I'm starting to strongly suspect that the differences between guns/barrels isn't as diverse as what we're lead to believe.

In which case... a website where people could record batch numbers and comment about how good that batch is might do two positive things for the sport :

1. Help others to find a good pellet without having to buy lots of different batches to find out
2. Encourage manufacturers to strive towards making a better pellet. If sales of poor batches drop, but sales of mega batches increase, they're more likely to try to figure out how to make more mega batches.

Who's got the time to knock up a website?
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