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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
So a few people in the club have shifted between glasses and lenses recently at the club and their scores have gone up and down .

I personally have -3 short sighted ness and struggle a bit at looking at the pellet as it goes in the breech .
Anyhoo, just food for thought , I sat in the garden with my glasses on and can defo see that the scope circle is now oblate , so that's no good , further examination if you move your glasses whilst looking through your scope the cross hairs move all over the shop and not necessarily with the rest of the view , or so it seems .

So a few shots , glasses .....20 mm to the left at 15 yds and contact lenses bang on , might just be my style of glasses but I reckon that they are defo not an asset for shooting .

I know a few people who range find with glasses on and then set the scope up and shoot adjusted for no glasses ,

This will only work for some types of eye strengths / weaknesses

If your one of those pansies who get all squeamish over the though of lenses , man up and knock some targets down

Hope this helps
I haven't found that sort of difference thankfully but when you move your glasses lenses, it's like moving your eye so parallax comes into play. Even if your head is in the same position and your glasses shift it's like your head has moved a little.

Maybe the reason I've not found too much of an issue is I shoot mostly FT and always have the scope set to the right range. Don't think I've ever tried HFT with mi gigs.

Agree with highlighted bit. Everyone before trying lenses says they could never bring themselves to touch their eye, and it is difficult the first few times you put them in but you soon get used to it. I could now quite happily pinch my eyeball between finger and thumb and move it around. I know this for a fact, from trying to take out a lens when it had already fallen out! Yes alcohol had been involved earlier in the night!
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