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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post

Lot to be said for a chrono at 55 yards
Yup - but I'm not risking a chrono at the end of our range, the ProChrono doesn't work under our lighting.

Given the choice, I'd rather base my little tests on 55 yards, but I don't have 55 yards so 45 will have to do.

The theory I'm putting forward though possibly doesn't matter.. it might, I dunno..

The theory is this.... A Good batch of pellets will be good in most rifles, a bad batch of pellets will be bad in most rifles.

That theory is contrary to what I believed before.. but it's something I'm investigating, given the limitations I have at the range. On the plus side - I do have a wind free environment to test and I do have access to more guns and barrels than most people do. Most people will conduct tests on 2 or 3 guns, I've got access to potentially hundreds of them
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