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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

It could be that those extra 10 yards make a huge difference. My assumption is that the groups would be a bit bigger but it's unlikely that you'd see a mega batch turn into a shite batch over that last 10 yards.

That's what I have found, that 10 yards can mean a batch I would have said ok to use at 45 is not acceptable at 55

It's also indoors so it may be that a pellet that's mega indoors ends up being crap when shot outdoors.

Never tested indoors but have seen windless days produce pellets that do 1 hole groups (Gadget and his die 8) and then when a the turbulence from a passing butterfly hits the pellet its 60mm out of kill!

it may be that a great batch is great in pretty much everything and a shite batch is shite in pretty much everything.

Sometimes. Dies 46 have worked well in most for us.

My die 12, I had one Eve 2 that will one hole with them, one that shotguns.
don't forget go faster pellets

Lot to be said for a chrono at 55 yards
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