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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Does the range go out to 55yrds Brian?
It's only out to 50 yards unfortunately, but we only have 1 lane that can stretch to 50 yards the rest of them only go to 45 yards. Most of the checking I've done has been when people are testing groups at 45 yards though.

It could be that those extra 10 yards make a huge difference. My assumption is that the groups would be a bit bigger but it's unlikely that you'd see a mega batch turn into a shite batch over that last 10 yards.

It's also indoors so it may be that a pellet that's mega indoors ends up being crap when shot outdoors.

Them's the constraints I'm working under, so take that into consideration before drawing any conclusions from what I've found.

So far, I haven't drawn any solid conclusions.. from what I've seen (given those constraints) I'm starting to form a theory that perhaps it's not all down to gun and barrel.. it may be that a great batch is great in pretty much everything and a shite batch is shite in pretty much everything.
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